Electronic Author Agreement System (eAAS)


The Electronic Author Agreement System (eAAS) is a system for publishers of books, eBooks, journals, and digital products in the sports sciences. eAAS is maintained (administered) by FiT (Fitness Information Technology). The system maintains information on hundreds of articles and publications and allows for the agreement of dissemination of information which does not violate copyright, or seeks the approval of the authors for it. One of the key features of the system is it allows for the emailing of author and publisher and publication agreements to numerous people located across the world.

How do I access eAAS?

Go to the eAAS Login page and enter your Login credentials.

To access eAAS, you must have an account set up within it. This is handled by the site’s Admins, who use the fiteditors@mail.wvu.edu account. A user can have any of the rights of ADMIN, AUTHOR, or EDITOR. Most have AUTHOR rights.

Note: eAAS was written in APEX, which is Oracle’s Web development language.

Need additional assistance?

If you need assistance with the system, email fiteditors@mail.wvu.edu.


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