Changing Grades in STAR


Faculty can change student grades through STAR. Follow the instructions below or view the Changing Grades in STAR guide.

Change a grade in STAR:

  1. Log into STAR.
  2. Click the Faculty & Advisors tab.
  3. Click Grade Modification.
  4. Select the term for which you would like to modify a grade.
  5. Select the CRN you would like to modify. If you taught multiple courses in this term, you will see multiple options.
  6. Verify the course information is correct.
  7. Select the Change Grade link next to the student whose grade needs changed.
    Note: Students who withdrew from the course will be listed as Student Withdrew, and you won't be able to modify their grades.
  8. Verify the student and course information, note the current grade and select the new grade.
  9. Select a Grade Change Reason from the dropdown menu.
  10. Click Submit.


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