Logging into Adobe Creative Cloud Applications at a Computer Lab


WVU employees and students can access Adobe Creative Cloud applications at some computer lab locations.

Log into Adobe Creative Cloud applications at a computer lab:

  1. Find the Adobe Creative Cloud application you want to use and open it.
    • Windows: Go to the Windows Start button at the bottom left and find the Adobe applications in the list or click the magnifying glass to search for the application.
    • Mac: Click Go from the top menu and select Applications. Find the Adobe app you want from this list.
  2. When the sign in window appears, enter your WVU email address and press the Tab key on your keyboard. This will redirect you to a WVU Login screen.
    Note: If you enter your information incorrectly, you may receive an error message. Try exiting the window and opening Adobe Creative Cloud again to log in.
  3. Enter your WVU Login username and password, click Login, and complete two-factor authentication.
    Note: The first time you login, it may run an update that will take a couple minutes to complete. This will happen each time Adobe releases updates.



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