STAR Midterm and Final Grade Tutorial for Faculty


Below are steps for faculty to enter midterm and final grades in STAR. If you have issues entering grades into STAR, please contact the Office of the University Registrar.

How to submit grades:

  1. Enter your Login credentials and click Login.
  2. Click STAR under the Course Management section.
  3. Select the Faculty & Advisors tab. 
  4. Select the new Faculty Self-Service Home Page link at the top of the page then click Grade Entry.
  5. Select the Midterm Grades or Final Grades tab. 
  6. You can search by Term, CRN, Title, Subject, Course, or search for an individual student. Selecting a course will open it for grade entry and display a list of students. 
  7. Use the Midterm or Final Grade dropdown to select and enter a grade. Please note there is a 20 minute timeout for grade entry, so save your grades often. 
    ​​​​Note: Entering a grade of FSA (Failure Stopped Attending) requires a last date of attendance. Grades of FNA (Failure Non-Attendance) and F (Failure) do not require a last date of attendance. 
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