HBO MAX in Residence Halls


Students in WVU residence halls with cable service provided by College Cable Services are eligible for HBO MAX. 

Student eligibility:

For students to access HBO MAX through their residence halls, they must:

  • Live in a residence hall with cable service provided by College Cable Services
  • Be enrolled in classes for the current semester
  • Be physically on campus
  • Ensure their device is connected to the campus network
  • Ensure their device is not connected to a VPN

Eligible residence halls:


  • Boreman North
  • Boreman South
  • College Park Apartments
  • Dadisman Annex
  • Dadisman Hall
  • Honors Hall
  • Seneca Hall
  • Stalnaker Hall
  • Summit Hall
  • Vandalia Hall Blue
  • Vandalia Hall Gold


  • Bennett Tower
  • Braxton Tower
  • Brooke Tower
  • Lyon Tower
  • Lincoln Hall

Potomac State College:

  • Catamount Place
  • Davis Hall
  • Friend Hall
  • Memorial Hall
  • Reynolds Hall
  • University Place

WVU Tech:

  • 504 S. Kanawha St.
  • 506 S. Kanawha St.
  • 508 S. Kanawha St.
  • Hogan Hall
  • University Hall
How To Access HBOMAX
  1. Visit
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Click Sign In Through Tv or Moible Provider
  4. Choose West Virginia University from the dropdown list titled all providers 
  5. Sign in with your WVU Login credentials to access HBO MAX


If you are having trouble with HBOMAX, visit for assistance.


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