Cannot Download Microsoft Office Pro Plus


Current WVU students, current employees and emeritus employees can download Microsoft Office Pro Plus on their personal devices:


  • You see a message on the site, or while attempting to log in, that indicates you are not licensed to download the software.
  • If you are able to log in, you may notice that the link for downloading Office Pro Plus is not available. 


Claim your Login account:

This is often seen for individuals who are new to WVU. To receive the license to download Office Pro Plus, you must claim your Login account. Claiming this account leads to Office 365 accounts being licensed for those who should have them. 

To claim a Login account, or confirm that this has already been done, please visit

Once the Login account has been claimed, please allow a couple of hours before attempting to download Microsoft Office Pro Plus again.

Use (not mix) when prompted for your email address:

During the installation process, or potentially when running Office applications, you may be prompted to sign in. To do so, enter your Login username followed by when asked for an email address and use your Login password for the password.

Although WVU student email addresses end in, students should use here. This is a special username for activating your license, and is not an email address that can be used elsewhere.

Example: If your Login username is glweinrib, enter the address as follows: