MyReports is a MAP reporting tool that provides access to MAP Discoverer and Data Miner reports. Access MyReports from the Administrative Tools menu in Portal. Reports have been copied from Discoverer and Data Miner to MyReports and users have been asked to run reports in both systems to ensure accuracy. The Discoverer Reporting Tool in IDEAS was not affected by this change. 

Note: You will be prompted to enter your Login username and password after clicking MyReports in Portal. 

Access requests:

If you are unable to access a report in MyReports, submit a ticket to the business operations team.


You will receive a "No Discoverer Reports available" message when you click Reports in the Leave Request System. Reports are no longer available directly in the MyTime system. When accessing the Leave Request System from Portal, the error message will appear on the Request Leave page. When using the direct URL, the message displays when selecting Reports. Learn more about accessing these reports in the MyTime Reports article.

If there is a discrepancy with a report or a report was not copied from Discoverer to MyReports, submit a report request.


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