Resync Duo Display Token


Your Duo display token can fall out of sync if you press the button too many times without using the generated codes. Follow the steps below to resync your token to use it for authentication.

Resync Duo display token:

  1. Go to and click Print Backup Codes or Add Duo Token.

  2. Sign in with your WVU username and password, and authenticate using a backup code or a different device associated with your Duo account.

  3. Click Resync Token.

  4. Press the green button on your Duo token to generate a series of three authentication codes. Wait until a code disappears on the token before generating the next code. This could take up to 15 seconds.

  5. Enter each six-digit code into its respective field.

  6. Click Add.

Note: If the resync is not successful, repeat the process. If the process repeatedly fails, you will need to purchase a new token or add a mobile device to your account.


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Fri 6/28/19 2:55 PM
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