Request a New LISTSERV List


Faculty and staff can request to have new LISTSERV lists created.

Note: HSC users must request a new LISTSERV using the HSC LISTSERV request form.

How do I request a new LISTSERV?

You will need to consider the information listed below before requesting a new LISTSERV. Once you have determined which options are best suited for your LISTSERV, visit the Mailing List Requests service page to submit your request.

  • List name
    The name should be brief and descriptive of the organization or associated topic. The name should only contain "WVU" if it involves recipients outside of the university and it should also provide enough detail to be easily discernable from other lists. Use abbreviations when possible and keep in mind that your name cannot contain spaces, only underscores or dashes.

       Good example: HRE_MA_STUDENTS (uses abbreviations and is descriptive)
       Bad example: STUDENT_MAILING_LIST (does not indicate topic or purpose of list)

  • List description
    The description should be one or two sentences that give a basic overview of the purpose of the list.
  • Role assignments
    A name and email address is required for anyone being assigned a role. At least one non-quiet owner is required. View the LISTSERV Roles article for more information. 

  • Will the list be moderated?
    While many lists are not moderated, you have the option to assign a moderator role which will require all messages to receive approval before being released to subscribers.

  • Where will replies be sent?
    You may specify whether a reply will be addressed to the entire list or to the individual who posted the message.

  • Should an archive of the list be kept?
    While most lists are not archived, it is possible to have the system keep a copy of all list postings. This can sometimes be useful for reference or if a newer subscriber wishes to look at the postings that occurred prior to their joining.
  • List visibility
    Determine whether to allow anyone browsing the LISTSERV system to see the name of the list. Most lists are not set to be visible.
  • Who can review the subscriber list?
    Determine who has the ability to potentially view the list of all subscribers. This is generally set to owners, but may be set to include all subscribers as well.

  • Subscribers
    The list can be pre-populated with an initial list of intended subscribers at the time it is requested. If you wish to have this done, please attach a file to your request with a list of email address and corresponding names. Place entries one to a line with the email addresses followed by a blank space and then their actual name.
       Example of two subscriber entries: Grover Pomegranate Sally Student

Note: List owners have the ability to change configurations of various attributes at any point after the list is initially created. If you wish to change configuration settings on your new list, it may be best to wait to populate the list yourself as the changed attributes may not be inherited by the list members.




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