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iClicker is a student response tool that makes it easy for your instructors to track attendance, increase participation, facilitate quizzes and measure performance. Student responses are instantly recorded, and grades can be synced with eCampus. You can respond to questions in class using an iClicker remote, mobile device or laptop, depending on your instructor's classroom policies.

If your instructor requires an iClicker remote, it can be purchased at the Morgantown WVU Bookstore or Book Exchange. You can also purchase remotes on Amazon or the Macmillan Learning Student Store. Once you receive your iClicker remote, you must register it.

If you are using a mobile device instead, you must download the iClicker Student app for iOS or Android and create an account. As long as the instructor creates their iClicker course with "West Virginia University" as the institution, there is no cost to students to activate their iClicker subscription. You can also respond by signing into your iClicker Student App account online. Be sure to use your WVU Login username and MIX email account when registering for an iClicker account. 

How to Register an iClicker Remote in eCampus:

To ensure that all of your iClicker responses are recorded, you must register your remote in eCampus. You will only have to register your remote once, even if you'll be using it in multiple classes.

  1. Log into eCampus and select a course in which you'll be using iClicker.
  2. Find the iClicker remote registration link.
    • Look for the link on the course homepage, course information page and course menu.
    • If a "Register your iClicker" link is not obvious in any of those locations, click on Tools in the course menu and select i>clicker Student Registration from the list.
  3. Enter the 8-digit number found on the back of the device (below the barcode) in the Remote ID box. This is also where you can remove an old iClicker remote registration.
    Note: If your remote's ID has 10 digits instead of eight, contact iClicker support at 1-866-209-5689 or support@iclicker.com.

How to Create an iClicker Student App Account:

If you will be using a mobile device or laptop to respond in class, you must create an iClicker Student App student account.

  1. Go to student.iclicker.com/#/account/create.
  2. Search for and select West Virginia University as your institution
  3. Enter your information, including first and last name, MIX email address, and your WVU Login username.
  4. Find your course by entering its name or your instructor's name, then click Add This Course.

How to Register an iClicker Remote if your Instructor Doesn't Use eCampus:

If your instructor is requiring you to use iClicker in class but doesn’t have an eCampus course, you can register your remote on iClicker’s website. Your remote’s ID is on the back of the device, below the barcode.

  1. Go to iclicker.com/register-a-remote.
  2. Select the iClicker software version your instructor is using.
  3. Select My institution does not use an LMS. You will see a specific set of instructions based on the software version you selected.
    • If you selected iClicker Cloud, sign into your iClicker Student App account to register your remote. If you don't have an account, create one at https://student.iclicker.com/#/account/create. Once you're signed in, click the menu at the top and select Profile. Click Register Remotes and click the plus sign at the top. Enter your Remote ID and click Save.
    • If you selected iClicker Classic, complete the remote registration form.

How to use iClicker:

iClicker Student App

iClicker Remote

Note: After participating in a poll or quiz, you can view your results in iClicker Student App and access study tools.




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