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If you're new to the University, you must claim your account to obtain a username and password. You will use your credentials to access campus Wi-Fi, Portal, STAR, eCampus and many other WVU systems.

If you are a current WVU employee or student, you must claim your account in the new system when you receive the email notification that your password is near expiration. Your username will not be affected, and you will not have to set up Duo two-factor authentication again.

If you are a WVU Medicine employee who uses certain WVU systems, you will manage your account at

Note: Parents and guardians should NEVER log into any WVU system using a student's username and password. As an alternative, students can grant their guests access to billing, financial aid and other information through the Parent/Guest Portal.

How do I claim my account?

  1. Go to and click Claim Account.

  2. Enter your First Name, Last NameDate of Birth and WVUID or employee number in the corresponding fields.

    • WVUID (9-digit number) Don't know your WVUID? Look it up.

    • WVU Employee Number (5-digit number)

  3. Click Claim.

  4. Review the WVU Security Responsibility Statement and click Accept.

  5. Complete the five-question cybersecurity quiz, then click Submit. You must pass the quiz to move on; you can't opt out.
    Note: If you fail the quiz, click Retry to take it again. You will be shown new questions each time you take the quiz.

  6. After passing the quiz, click Next.

  7. Enter a non-WVU email address and/or mobile phone number. These will be used later when you have to verify your identity before creating a new password or unlocking your account.

  8. Click Submit.

  9. Make note of your username and click on the provided link to create your password.

  10. Your username will auto-populate in the associated field. Click Continue.

  11. Select one of the identity verification options to be sent a passcode either by text, voice message or email to your non-WVU phone number or email address. Click Continue.

    Note: You will not see all three verification options if you did not provide a non-WVU email address and mobile phone number during the account claiming process. If you want to add or change your recovery contacts, go to

  12. Create a password that meets the on-screen requirements. Click Change password. You will receive an email to your WVU email address letting you know that your password has been created successfully. You can now use your WVU username and password to access WVU systems. Your password lasts for one year.

Having trouble claiming your account?

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 to claim your Login account, you may have trouble completing all of the required steps. Try claiming your account using a different browser, such as Google Chrome.

If your name includes accented letters and you are unable to claim your account or look up your WVUID, contact the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) at 304-293-5355 or email OUR may need to update your name in the STAR/Banner system. 

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