Eberly College of Arts and Sciences IT Support


Tom Moran is the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences (ECAS) Director of Information Technology. If you need desk side support for any ECAS technology, call the listed contact for your department.

Department Contact Phone Number Exceptions
Chemistry Greg Lusk 304-293-0917
Communications Studies Cody Mitchell 304-293-4611
English Department Robert Phipps 304-293-9506  
World Languages,
Literatures and Linguistics
Robert Phipps 304-293-9506
Forensics Robert Phipps 304-293-9506 For computer lab support,
call Cody Mitchell at 304-293-4611.
Geology and Geography Robert Phipps 304-293-9506
Mathematics Cody Mitchell 304-293-4611
Native American Studies Cody Mitchell 304-293-4611
Physics Greg Lusk 304-293-0917
Social Work Cody Mitchell 304-293-4611  
Sociology / Anthropology Cody Mitchell 304-293-4611  
Statistics Cody Mitchell 304-293-4611  


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