How to Report Conflicts of Interest in Research


This article presents a quick-guide version of the necessary steps to disclose any conflicts of interest in research. This disclosure is required to maintain compliance with ethical standards of research and must be completed before protocols can be approved through the IRB or IACUC, and before funds will be released by the Office of Sponsored Programs.

How to Report Conflicts of Interest in WVU+kc:

  1. Log in to WVU+kc at
  2. Click the COI menu to see a drop-down list, then click Conflict of Interest to open the COI module on a new page.
  3. Review any existing disclosures on the My Disclosures screen and click Create Disclosure (or Update Disclosure)..
  4. Carefully read the training page explaining the federal and WVU requirements for reporting and management of conflicts of interest in research. Click Next to proceed. When you click Next, you are agreeing that you understand your obligations as a researcher.
  5. Answer Yes or No to the four items in the Screening Questions section:
    • Outside remuneration: Did you or your family receive payment?
    • Equity interests: Do you or your family own equity in an outside entity?
    • Royalties or intellectual property: Did you or your family receive royalties?
    • Sponsored travel: Do you receive travel funding from any Public Health Service (or PHS-adherent) sponsors? If so, you must disclose all funded/reimbursed travel from any source.
  6. Click Next to proceed.
  7. If you answered Yes to any questionnaire items, you must add the financial entity with whom the relationship exists. Click Add Line to enter details. If you answered No to all four questionnaire items, you will be routed to the certification page (step 12).
  8. Enter relevant details about the relationship with each financial entity on the Add page.
    • What is the name of the entity?
    • Is it a publicly traded company?
    • How are your interests in the entity kept separate from your WVU responsibilities?
    • Do your activities with this entity relate to your research projects at WVU?
    • Are there arrangement to ensure separation of interests?
    • Detail any roles performed for this entity by WVU staff.
    • Click +Add Line to report the relationship information:
      • Does this relationship exist with you - or with an immediate family member?
      • What type of relationship?
      • What kind of financial interest?
      • How much financial interest?
  9. Click Done at the bottom of the Add Relationship form to complete the relationship information.
  10. Click Done at the bottom of the Add Entities form to complete this entity's information.
  11. If you need to report relationships with other entities, click Add Line again and enter the details for additional entities.
  12. Click Next to proceed.
  13. Review the Certification Statement at the end. By submitting this disclosure, you acknowledge responsibility to disclose any current or new significant financial interest throughout the year.
  14. Click Submit to complete your annual disclosure.

Your annual disclosure will be reviewed by the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance. You will receive notification if any additional information is required, and when your disclosure is nearing expiration.


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