Conflict of Interest Disclosure Reporting Overview


West Virginia University encourages its faculty, students and staff to uphold the highest ethical standards in their research activities. While the potential for conflicts of interest to arise is understandable, investigators must strive to limit introduction of bias into their research. To maintain compliance with these standards, WVU requires principal investigators and co-investigators on any IRB, IACUC, or OSP projects to participate in training and reporting on conflicts of interest in research.These requirements must be fulfilled before your protocol can be approved through the IRB or IACUC, and before funds will be released by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

Conflict of Interest in Research Disclosure:

WVU investigators are required to report any external financial relationships that constitute a significant financial interest and might appear to represent a conflict with their institutional duties, including research. Access to the annual disclosure of conflicts of interest in research can be found in the WVU+kc application. Log in to, and select Annual Disclosure from the Conflict of Interest menu on the KC dashboard.

Conflict of Interest in Research Training:

Required training for Conflict of Interest in Research has been integrated into the first page of the annual disclosure of conflict of interest in research found in the WVU+kc application. You will be required to read and acknowledge both the federal and university guidelines that govern conflicts of interest in research, and your responsibility to disclose any financial interests.

What to disclose:

Investigators are required to disclose any Significant Financial Interest (SFI) to the University. A SFI is any financial  interest that meets the following criteria:

  • Any financial interest (you or immediate family) that appears to be related to your university responsibilities (research, teaching, memberships, etc.).
  • For Public Health Service funded investigators, also disclose any sponsored travel where the total exceeds $5000 from a single sponsoring entity (some exceptions apply).

When to disclose:

WVU investigators are required to file a DOIR form annually, and on an ongoing basis within 30 days of discovery or acquisition of a new financial interest. Investigators must review and make any necessary revisions to their conflict of interest in research disclosure:

  • with each new, continued, or revised grant/contract application submitted to the OSP,
  • with each new protocol involving animal or human subjects, and;
  • when there is a new or previously unrecognized financial interest.

Additional information:

If you have questions, concerns, or would like assistance, please contact Joy Edwards, Director - Conflict of Interest in Research at 304-293-5475 or


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