Account Requests for Parkersburg Student Workers (tech only)


If a new Parkersburg student worker is calling to request a WVU-AD resource, first check to see if the student worker has an existing Login account with a WVU-AD resource. If not, refer the user to Melody Mercer in the Parkersburg HR Office. Once the Parkersburg HR Office has provided EPS with the confirmation information, including the Students Parkersburg email address, EPS will send the data feed to the IAM group for the account creation.

Contact information for Melody Mercer:

Access requests for Parkersburg employees:

If a Parkersburg SBA is requesting a Student WVU-AD resource or Applaud access, refer the user to Shared Services

Note: Parkersburg employees may refer to Applaud as MyAccess or MyTime, as some of their employee sites still use the MyAccess branding. 




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