Designating a Research Center in WVU+kc

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In order to track and provide accurate data regarding center research activity at WVU, the Research Office has set forth the following guidelines for establishing awards in the WVU+kc (Kuali Coeus) electronic research administration system and the MAP (Mountaineer Administrative Processes) financial system. These guidelines must be followed for any center that is already designated as an official WVU center - or any center that plans to apply to become an official center. The Research Office also highly suggests that all other centers follow these same procedures, should the center want to track its research activity in these administrative systems.

Awards that are not set up following these processes will not be associated with a center and therefore will not count towards any annual financial totals for such center.


Faculty must identify a center affiliation during the proposal submission process.  To identify a center affiliation for your proposal, choose the center as the Lead Unit on the proposal page in WVU+kc.  If the center that should be associated with the proposal is not in WVU+kc, a request can be made to add the center to the system by submitting a request to the Office of Sponsored Programs. 

To Choose a Lead Unit

  1. Begin a new WVU+kc proposal development document by clicking Create Proposal from the Proposals menu on the KC dashboard.

  2. In the Department/Lead Unit field, click the search icon to locate your center.

  3. On the Unit Lookup page, type the word 'center' into the search box (or part of the name of your center).

  4. Locate your center in the search results, and click the Return link to populate the Department/Lead Unit field with your center.

    • Note that the WVU+kc system number and the name of your unit (center) will now appear in the field on the Proposal page.

Sign Off / Approvals for Center-Associated Proposals

Proposal sign off/ approvals will be reviewed by the WVU Research Office, the office of the Vice President for Research at HSC, or the deans' office for the unit's college as appropriate for the associated center. This structure allows not only for reporting on the individual center but will also include center data in the totals for the department/college with which it is associated.

  • All officially designated (non-HSC) WVU centers will be associated with the Vice President for Research and Economic Development in WVU+kc, and the Research Office will approve any proposals submitted through these centers. 
  • All HSC WVU centers will be associated with the Vice President for Research at the Health Sciences Center, whose office will approve any proposals submitted through HSC centers. 
  • All other centers (at the college/departmental level) will be nested within the college/department with which it is primarily associated and proposal sign off for college/departmental level centers will continue to go through the college dean’s office for approval.

Financial Identification for the Center

If the center is new, you must contact your EBO to request a unique departmental activity (DA) number for the center before a proposal is submitted so that funds can be correctly tracked in MAP.  The DA number must be included on the Supplemental Form A as the Award Org for the project before the proposal is submitted.  The Supplemental Form A should also identify the financial obligations of the project at the task level, indicating which Expenditure Orgs will be handling the finances for each task at the departmental level.


The Office of Sponsored Programs will use the information provided at the proposals stage in order to set up an award in WVU+kc and MAP after funding has been received. Once OSP has established an award connected to a center, the finances will be officially associated with that center and will fall under the approved budget model.  Awards cannot be moved from one center to another.

Affiliated Centers

If your award is associated with a research center, but the financial and program responsibilities for the project will be with a department and not a center, you can:

  • Select the department (not the center) as the Lead Unit for the project

  • Then, add the center as one of the associated units for the project by selecting it as one of the units for a personnel member on the Personnel page of the proposal document.

Please be aware that by not adding the center as the lead unit, the award money for that project will not be credited to the center - it will instead be credited to the selected department.  Affiliations indicated on the Personnel page can be viewed on ITS-generated reports to show the projects and personnel affiliated with a center.


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