Applaud is modern, cloud-based software that integrates with Mountaineer Administrative Processes to give faculty, staff and student workers on all campuses a more intuitive and dependable way to complete MAP-related administrative tasks.

You'll still reach MAP-related services through links at, and all functionality remains in place with the new system. Some business rules may have changed, however, so we recommend you review the FAQ.

Please direct questions about Applaud to the Shared Services Center 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday at 304-293-6006, by email at, or by logging into the Salesforce Community platform.

MAP-related services currently available only on campus will remain that way with Applaud. Off-campus access to MyReports, Leave Request, Web Clock and Time Card will still require you to log in using WVU’s Virtual Private Network

Watch the Features in Applaud video, which provides an overview of Applaud, or watch our detailed Applaud Supervisor Session, which is a thorough supervisor training video. Detailed instructions for various tasks are in the Shared Services Knowledge Base.

Applaud functionality and features:

Your profile data (e.g., name, department, email address, position title, etc.) is the same information that is already available to other WVU employees through the online Directory and MAP. This information is just presented in a different format. Personal information, which is separate from your Profile, is NOT visible to others on campus.

Applaud’s many features allow all employees to:

  • Edit education and qualifications to include degrees, certifications and more.
  • Add metadata tags to your profile to include skills, projects or interests. You can search for others at WVU using these tags as you might on LinkedIn.
  • See organizational charts for any WVU department, eliminating the need for these to be posted on public websites.
  • Search for similar positions, titles or job classifications across the institution.
  • See leave and time on one integrated calendar.
  • See your teammates’ approved time off for better planning and coordination.
  • Receive notifications when leave requests are processed.
  • Easily edit personal information to update emergency contacts, home address, phone number and personal email. (Please note that you must mark your personal mobile phone number as “Home” or it will be visible to all employees.)

Benefits for supervisors include:

  • The ability to see leave balances and requests for your entire team in one view.
  • Fewer clicks when editing time cards.
  • Quick, visual cues for timecards that have errors or are outside normal parameters for overtime.
  • The option to view the total number of hours worked and paid each period more easily.
  • Notifications when an employee misses a time punch.
  • Notifications when an employee submits a leave request.
  • The ability to view and edit leave and time from an integrated team calendar.
  • the option to set out-of-office notifications.



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