Award Notification Details


When a new award is created or a modification is made to an existing award, and award notification will be made available in WVU+kc. This award notice is known as a green sheet and provides succinct, detailed information about an award including multiple-task information, cost share details, regulatory compliance issues and any agency special conditions. The fields located on the green sheet are described below.

Header section:

The header of the green sheet is located on the upper-center of the page, and indicates if your award was granted to West Virginia University or to the West Virginia University Research Corporation. If your notification has DRAFT at the top, it is not in a final state and the information on it could change.

Note: Only save or print a Green Sheet that does not have DRAFT on the page.

Project Personnel section:

All project personnel and their role (PI, Co-Investigatory, or Task Manager) on the project are listed on the left side of the green sheet.

Award Action Information section:

  • OSP Ref: The OSP Reference number is the number assigned to the project by OSP and is used for tracking purposes. The number represents the year the initial project proposal was submitted and the sequential number the proposal was received by OSP. For example, an OSP number of 13-476 indicates that the proposal was the 476th proposal received in FY2013.

  • Transaction Date: The Transaction Date indicates the date that the newest moneyed transaction has taken place on the award. This date will remain the same until additional money is received for an award. If a change takes place on an award that does not involve money, the Transaction Type and Transaction Date will remain the same and the change will be indicated via the OSP Version and OSP Version Date (see below).

  • Transaction Type: The Transaction Type indicates the most recent moneyed transaction that has taken place on the award. Transaction Types can include New, Non-Competing Renewals, and Increases. This type will remain the same until new money is received for the award. For more information see the Transaction Types quick reference guide.

  • Version: The Version field indicates if this green sheet is a newer version of another, previously-issued green sheet.

  • OSP Version Date: OSP Version Date is the date the most recent OSP Version was made of the award.

  • OSP Version: OSP Version indicates the type of award action that is occurring on the award that doesn’t involve adding more money to an award. OSP Version types can  include carryover, rebudgeting, no-cost extensions, and investigator changes. For more information, see the OSP Version quick reference guide.

  • $100,000 is received and a new award is established on 7/1/2013.
    • The Transaction Type will be New and the Transaction Date will be 7/1/2013.
    • There will be no OSP Version or OSP Version Date on the first green sheet issued for this award.
  • The PI contacts OSP to rebudget the original money established.
    • OSP rebudgets $20,000 from Task 1 to Task 2 by versioning the award on 7/22/2013.
    • The updated green sheet for the award will indicate Rebudgeting in the OSP Version field and the OSP Version Date will read 7/22/2013.
    • The Version field will be updated from 1 to 2.
    • The Transaction Type and Transaction Date will remain the same because no new money was received for the project.

Project & Sponsor Information section:

  • Project Title: The title of the project
  • Sponsor Information: The agency sponsoring the research is shown along with the Grant/Contract number. If there are any modifications made by the sponsor to the award, the modification number will also be referenced.

Budget section:

  • Budget Information: The period of performance for the money currently being added to the award is shown in the Budget Period fields, and the money that is available for the awards is shown in the Award field.
  • Cost Sharing Information: If cost sharing is required it will be indicated and additional comments will be provided describing the cost share commitment for this project. All cost share commitments will be indicated in the Task Actions section with an award number that has a C prefix (C1000240W).

Explanatory Remarks section:

Additional comments from OSP regarding the action currently being taken on the award will be provided in the Explanatory Remarks section.

Task Actions section:

The tasks associated with a project are listed towards the bottom of the green sheet, along with the task manager, amount, and funding information:

  • Task Line Item Budgets: If more than one department or college is involved in the project, OSP will establish separate MAP tasks and DA for each task.
  • MAP Award Number: Award numbering examples are 1000500W and 1000500R. Suffix W means the task was set up under a WVU account. Suffix R indicates the task was set up under a WVU Research Corporation account. The series of award numbers than contains the same numbering convention with the suffix changing from R to AR to BR is used to separate out on and off-campus and multiple F&A rates. MAP will only allow one F&A rate for each award.
  • Cost Sharing: Prefix C for an award (C1000240W) indicates the cost share amount.
  • Departmental Activity Number: 9-digit number that translates to an expenditure organization and is specific to your department and college.

Footer section:

The green sheet footer provides information about policies related to sponsored research as well as contact name and number if you have any questions about your green sheet.


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