View a Notice of Award


Due to confidentiality issues, only the people listed on an award will be able to view an award notice (PI, Co-PIs, task managers and SBAs). Additionally, deans, departmental chairpersons and Sponsored Research Accounting are granted rights to view awards.

All investigators, task managers, and SBAs on an award will receive an email from when an award has been established in WVU+kc informing them the award notification is available. View the award notification by clicking the link in the email notification or by following these instructions to view awards by logging directly into WVU+kc. See your award information by searching for your award and viewing the detail pages.

Awards search:

  1. Login to WVU+kc. Go to and use your WVU Login username and password to log in, which will open the Researcher page of WVU+kc.

  2. If you are the PI or Co-Investigator, select the All My Awards link located in the Awards section. Via the Award Lookup page, a list of all the awards for which you are listed as either an investigator or co-investigator will automatically populate.

    Note: If you are a task manager or an SBA, you will need to remove your name from the Investigator field and enter the PI for the award you would like to open.

  3. Filter the search results by entering OSP#, title, or other searchable field. Select Admin Approved from the drop-down menu in the OSP Review Status Code field. This action will only return awards that are in a final state. Award notifications for awards that are not in a final state will have DRAFT at the top and are subject to change. Click the search button to filter the awards.

  4. Select the highest numerical Award ID and highest Version of that Award ID to view the most recent Green Sheet for an award. Sorting search results by the Notice Date field or the Award ID field will help put actions for an award in sequential order. The Award ID is a sequential number assigned by the system as award actions are processed. For more information, see the Transaction Types and OSP Versions quick reference guides.

  5. After locating the appropriate award action you would like to view, click the open link. The Green Sheet page will display as the default page for the Award document.

Green Sheet page:

The Green Sheet page is the award notification displaying the basic information about an award including current period of performance and budget and task details. Follow these steps to save or print the file:

  1. Click on the export icon in the right-hand corner of the Green Sheet.

  2. A PDF save message will appear.

  3. Open or Save the document

  4. Once the document is open in Adobe Acrobat, click the print icon in the left corner to print the document.

Note: For more information about what is included on an award notification, see the Award Notification Details article.

Special Review page:

The Special Review page displays information regarding regulatory compliance reviews including the approval status, protocol number, and any comments about the review. All associated human subject research protocols that have been submitted in WVU+kc will be connected and viewable via the award document. Click the view button to view any human subject protocols connected to an award.

Note: Investigators must be listed on the protocol to view it within WVU+kc. If you are not listed on the protocol, you will receive a message that you do not have rights to view the Protocol document.

Comments, Notes & Attachments page:

All documents related to an award, such as terms and conditions, can be found in the Attachments section and can be viewed by clicking the view button. A save prompt will display after clicking the view button. The attachment can either be opened or saved to a local computer. The Comments and Notes sections are currently not being utilized to record award information.

Medusa page:

The Medusa page displays the relationship between the Award document and the Proposal document that is linked to it.

Additional information:

Questions regarding an award should be directed to the Office of Sponsored Programs at 304-293-3998. If you have questions or need assistance with accessing award notices, submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444.


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