Seeing Someone Else's Email From MIX


If you log into MIX and see someone else's email and not yours, another family member or roommate may have used the same computer and browser and Gmail is remembering the other user's credentials.

How do I prevent the other user's Gmail account from appearing?

  • Clear the cache on the internet browser(s) on the computer, and then restart the computer. For instructions, view our Deleting Browser Cache article.
  • If you use Chrome, confirm that your personal Gmail account or another's Gmail account is disconnected. Go to and click on the image or email address in the top right corner to see the accounts that you are signed into.
  • If you experience the same issue with a mobile device, remove the account from the device and then re-add it.

To prevent someone from being able to view your emails, ensure that you are logged out of your account before closing the browser. If you are accessing your Gmail account from the WVU Portal, be aware that closing the browser tab or even the browser window will not necessarily log you out of the WVU Portal. For more information about keeping your information safe, view Safely Access the WVU Portal on a Shared Computer.




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