Data Miner Troubleshooting

Data Miner is an older version of the OBIEE reporting tool and will be decommissioned in February 2020. In preparation, all Data Miner reports have been recreated in MyReports, the newer version of the tool. You can access MyReports from the Administrative Tools menu in Portal. To ensure that all reports in the new system are accurate, please run them in both Data Miner and MyReports. If you find discrepancies, submit a ticket to the ITS Reporting team


Most problems with running reports in Data Miner can be resolved by doing the following:

Note: What you see in Data Miner is determined by your permissions in MAP. You will not be able to view Data Miner reports if you do not have access to MAP.

Where are my dashboards?

If you can log into Data Miner, but you cannot locate the dashboards, try the following:

  • Click on Catalog in the upper right portion of the screen. Then click Shared Folders to view the available dashboards.
  • Some dashboards contain multiple tabs. Click Expand to view all tab names within a dashboard.

How do I clear my customizations?

  1. While in Data Miner, go to the Page Options menu (the three lines in the top-right corner).
  2. Click Clear My Customization.
  3. Re-enter the necessary filters.
  4. Click Apply.

What browsers can I use?

Firefox version 52 ESR is recommended and Internet Explorer 11 is also supported.

Why can't I export to Excel?

If you are receiving an error message when you try to export data to Excel, you may be trying to export too much data. We recommend exporting to a CSV file. This will allow all of the data to easily export, regardless of how much data you have. Additionally, exporting to CSV will bring over just the numbers without any formatting, which gives you more flexibility in Excel.

What do I do if the apply button is not viewable in Firefox?

Clear your Firefox browser history (click here for steps). If you need help, contact the ITS Service Desk.

More support:

Explore the Data Miner training page for quick reference guides and FAQ.

If you are still having problems, contact the ITS Service Desk and be ready to provide answers to the following questions:

  1. What internet browser are you using and what is the version of the browser? (IE9, Firefox27, etc.)
  2. What is the exact name of the report you are trying to run?
  3. What filters with values are you entering for the report? This is important information and should be provided to the ITS Service Desk, even if you cannot get to the dashboard/analysis.
  4. What is the navigational path you are taking to get to the report?
  5. Is there any sort of error message? If so, include it exactly or provide a screenshot.
  6. Has another colleague ran the same report with the same filter(s)? If so, what were the results?



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