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You can access your full MIX Google account (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.) on a mobile device by syncing your MIX Google account with your mobile device. Alternatively, you can forward your MIX emails to another email account that you can access on your phone, such as a personal Gmail account or Outlook.

Sync your MIX Google account:

Syncing your account will allow you to view your MIX emails, contacts and calendar, as well as other Google apps, on your mobile device.

When syncing your account with a mobile device, you will need to follow the steps for your specific device. If you do not have a handbook for your mobile device, you can often find this information through an online search.

When prompted to enter the email account information, you will need to sign into your existing account using your entire "" email address as your username. You will not need to set up an outgoing email server.

For more information, go to

If everything is setup properly but Google will not accept your Login credentials, try changing your Login password at Allow 5-15 minutes for the password to synchronize to your Gmail account before trying again.

Enable IMAP/POP to forward your emails:

Alternatively, you can forward your MIX email to a different email account that you can access using your mobile device. For steps, view Google's Set up Gmail with Outlook, Apple Mail or other mail clients support page.

When setting up your MIX Gmail account, you will need to use the following specifications for Account Name, Email Address and Password.

Account Name or User NameYour full email address (username including
Google Apps users, enter

Field Information
 Email Address Your full Gmail email address (
Google Apps users, please enter
 Password  Your Login password

Check your mobile mail settings:

We suggest checking your mobile mail settings (incoming server or delete mail) to make sure you are not removing your email from the original email server. If you do not change this setting, you might think you are missing emails when you log into your email through the WVU Portal at a computer. Once messages are pulled off the server onto a mobile device, there is no way to get them back unless you forward them back to yourself.

Are some apps not forwarding?

If you are having problems forwarding Google apps, configuring your access for less secure apps may resolve the problem. For more information, view Google's Allowing less secure apps to access your account support page. Please review the page carefully before updating your settings.




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