All students and teaching faculty have a MIX Gmail/Google account. Below is information about MIX Gmail and how to troubleshoot common problems.

Note: Do not use your WVU MIX Gmail/Google account to register devices (phones, tablets, etc.) or to sign up for personal or financial services. Create a new, personal Gmail/Google account for these.

MIX Gmail can be accessed a number of ways, including logging into the WVU Portal, visiting mix.wvu.edu/gmail or setting up IMAP on your mobile device.
MIX Gmail has 25 GB of storage space. To check your remaining storage, log into your MIX Gmail account and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see how much space you've used in the lower portion of your screen under your email inbox.

If you want to store and send large files, you can send them using Google Drive.

Note: If you go over your storage limit, incoming messages to your account will be returned to the sender.
Yes, mail coming into the MIX Gmail system is scanned for viruses.
WVU does not have a way to recover deleted messages. Check your MIX Gmail trash folder.
Make sure that you are using a supported browser version. If you still have problems sending email, click here to request help with your MIX Email account.
  • If you have forwarding set up on your account, make sure you are checking the correct account.
  • If you changed your password recently and can access your email on another device, make sure you are entering the correct password and have updated the password on your mobile device.
  • Check your quota. If you've reached your email quota, all incoming emails will bounce back to the sender.
Now that the Gmail implementation has taken place, you will be able to keep your @mix.wvu.edu address indefinitely.
Students based in the United States with a MIX Gmail account with West Virginia University can't delete their mailbox. After you graduate and do not log into the account for 180 days, it will be suspended. For students based in a European Union country, they can submit a request for MIX Gmail account deletion as per their countries' laws.


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