Community Web Troubleshooting


 Below are solutions to common Community Web issues.

Unable to log in:

The site uses your WVU Login credentials. Ensure that Ensure that your Login has been activated at If your Login account is active, make sure that the FTP software is configured for SFTP. See the Get Started with Community Web Hosting article for more information.

"404 - File Not Found" error messages:

Ensure that you have uploaded your files into the "www" folder on the server and you have saved your home page as index.html or index.htm. If you are trying to view a specific page, make sure you are typing the page exactly as named. The system is case sensitive.

Pages aren't displaying after uploading content:

Make sure you created your "www" folder when you first logged into your FTP client, and that you are uploading your pages into this folder. Check that your home page is saved as index.html or index.htm. Also make sure you are typing the page name correctly. The system is case sensitive.




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