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Learn more about your WVU Login account.

Login is the system used to create accounts for all WVU staff, faculty and students. It gives each person a unique set of credentials to access numerous University systems, including eCampus, Office 365 services, Portal and WVU.Encrypted Wi-Fi. Your Login credentials consist of an assigned username and a password you create.

Note: The first time you need to change your Login password after July 1, 2019, you must claim your account. During this process, you will create a new password and it will last for a year. The process only takes a few minutes.

WVU Medicine is also changing the way it manages accounts this spring. "Shared users," or employees and affiliates, of WVU Medicine will automatically be moved into the hospital’s system and will be notified when passwords must be reset. Employees and affiliates include: medical residents, University Health Associates, WVU Physicians of Charleston, WVU Dental Corp. and University Healthcare Physicians.

  • Active WVU staff, faculty, students and admitted students
  • Emeritus retirees
  • Former students who registered for a course or graduated from WVU
  • Visiting scholars and students
  • WVU Foundation employees
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) participants
  • Contractors working with WVU affiliates
  • Residents of the WVU Public/Private housing

Note: Parents and guardians must NEVER log into any WVU system using a student's username and password. This is a violation of WVU’s Acceptable Use of Technology Resources policy. Students can grant access to billing, financial aid and other information through the Parent/Guest Portal.

To claim your account, go to login.wvu.edu and enter your name, birthdate and WVUID or employee number to find your account. You’ll be prompted to accept the WVU Security Responsibility Statement, pass a five-question cybersecurity quiz and enter your recovery contact information. After that, you’ll get your WVU username and can create your password.
To look up your WVUID, enter your birthdate and either your Social Security or employee number.

This contact information you provide will let you reset your password or unlock your account later without having to call the ITS Service Desk. You will verify your identity by entering a code sent to your mobile phone or personal email. This convenience will save you time and minimize your loss in productivity. WVU will not use your contact information for any other purpose.

Verification codes can’t be sent to your WVU email address because you won’t be able to access them if your WVU account is locked or your password has expired.

Login passwords must meet the following criteria:
  • Be between 8-20 characters long.
  • Contain:
    • At least one uppercase letter: A-Z
    • At least one lowercase letter: a-z
    • At least one numeric character: 0-9
  • Must be different than your last password.
  • Cannot have blank spaces.
  • Cannot contain three or more character segments of your name or Login username.
After you've claimed your account in the new system, your password will last for one year. The exception is University Police employees, who are required to change passwords every 90 days.
When your password is about to expire, you’ll receive a notification at your WVU email address. Follow the instructions to create a new password. You may change your password at any time, even before it's near expiration.
To create a new password, enter your username and verify your identity by entering a code sent to you by phone or email. You can then create a new password.
To change the non-WVU email address and/or phone number associated with your Login account, enter your WVU credentials and authenticate with Duo. Then you'll be able to view your information or make changes.

To unlock your account, enter your username and verify your identity by entering a code sent to you by phone or email. You will receive a notification to your WVU email when your account has been unlocked successfully.

If your Login account keeps locking, your devices may be storing your old password. Review all your accounts and ensure your new password is in use.

It depends. You may fall into a small population identified as overlapping or “shared users.” These are WVU Medicine employees or affiliates who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Assigned to work at HSC in a support role (e.g., administration)
  • Dental Corp. employees
  • Physicians of Charleston employees
  • Hold WVU faculty role
  • Advance practice providers (APPs), including advance practice nurses, nurse practitioners, registered nurse anesthetists, certified nurse midwives, and clinical nurse specialists
  • WVU School of Medicine residents
  • Faculty-physicians

If you are identified as being a shared user, WVU Medicine will notify you when your password is near expiration. From then on, you must make all password changes at wvumedicine.org instead of login.wvu.edu. If you accidentally change your password at Login, it will be out of sync and will not allow you to access WVU Medicine systems.

No. You are a WVU user and you will update your password at login.wvu.edu. WVU Medicine is giving you separate credentials to access its system.
No. WVU Medicine will grant HSC students a different username and password to access the hospital’s clinical systems.


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