Cannot Connect to WVU's Encrypted Wireless Network


If you are unable to connect to WVU's wireless network, there are a few solutions you can try.


You are a WVU student, faculty or staff member and you cannot connect to WVU's wireless network (WVU.Encrypted).


Try the following solutions to connect to the wireless network.

  • Make sure you are connecting to the correct network. All WVU students, faculty and staff should connect to the WVU.Encrypted network using their Login credentials.
  • If you have not claimed your Login account, go to and click Claim Account.
  • Make sure you are entering your Login password correctly. If you think you may have forgotten your password, go to and click Forgot Password.
  • Make sure your device is not in airplane mode.
  • Move to a more central location on campus, such as the Mountainlair or Evansdale Crossing, and try again.
  • Read our Wireless Connection 101 help guides.
  • Make sure your web browser is not trying to connect via dial-up or another server.
  • If you're trying to connect a mobile device, check the username you entered. Some phones use auto fill to add a space after the username.
  • Disable any "Connection Manager" you may have running. These programs allow you to turn on and off wireless/bluetooth and manage available wireless networks. This is factory-installed bloatware and unnecessary for WVU's wireless networks. Windows can manage its own wireless settings without it.
  • If your computer has 2.4 GHz wireless capacity, then purchasing a wireless USB adapter may provide better connectivity. If you are unsure if your wireless is 2.4 GHz, stop by an ITS Service Center. They can also recommend a USB adapter.

Get help connecting a device:

  • If you still need assistance connecting a laptop or a mobile device, take it to one of the ITS Service Center locations.
  • If you still need assistance connecting a desktop computer, or if the ITS Walk-Up Support centers are closed, submit a ticket to the ITS Service Desk.




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