My Reports FAQ


Have a question about My Reports? Start with the My Reports FAQ below.

You or your supervisor can request additional access using the Business Information Service Request form.
View the WVU Supported Browsers article for a list of browsers that support Data Miner.
An optional eCampus course teaches how to use My Reports. Enrollment instructions are located on the page How to Enroll in the My Reports eCampus Course.
Also view:
Submit a ticket to report the error on the Report Requests page.
Click the Page Options menu (gear icon), hover over Export to Excel and choose Export Current Page or Export Entire Dashboard. The format of the report is maintained when exporting to Excel. 
My Reports does not have an Undo button. You can click the Reset button and reset search parameters to applied or default values, or clear all. 

For future use, if you plan to run a specific report on a regular basis, enter the filters, run the report, and then save the filters by clicking the Page Options menu and then Save Current Customization. When you subsequently need to run the report, click the Page Options menu and then Apply Saved Customization. The report will run with the filters you previously entered and saved.


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