Connect Your Windows Mobile Device to WVU's Wi-Fi


If you are connecting a mobile Windows device to WVU's wireless network (WVU.Encrypted), complete the steps below.

Note: WVU students and employees trying to connect to WVU.Guest will receive an error message since it is intended for campus guests. Students and employees should connect to WVU.Encrypted for more secure access.

Steps for setting up WVU.Encrypted:

  1. Download the root certificate here.
  2. Set up WVU.Encrypted using all the default settings.
  3. Enter your Login credentials.
  4. Keep pressing OK until the phone connects to WVU.Encrypted.

Can't download root certificate to phone:

  1. From a desktop computer, download the root certificate here.
  2. Transfer these files to your Windows Mobile Device\My Documents.
  3. On your phone, go to Start, then Programs, and then File Explorer.
  4. Click each certificate you transferred to the phone, and you will get a message that a certificate was imported.

Didn't Work?

If you are able to follow the steps above, but you still cannot connect to WVU's wireless network, check the username you entered. Some phones use auto fill to add a space after the username.

For more troubleshooting tips, view our Cannot Connect to WVU's Wireless Network article.

If you still need help connecting to WVU's wireless network, request help through the Wireless Access (Secure) service request page or stop by an ITS Walk-Up Support location.




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