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Microsoft offers an abundance of software that can be purchased through WVU. This page is for all other Microsoft licenses that do not have a separate software page set up. If you are submitting a request for Office, Windows, Visio or Project please visit the software list to view these pages.

Attached is a price guide that lists the software that we can purchase. The prices in this sheet are only estimates and may be different when we request a quote from the vendor.

Licensing restrictions:

This software can only be purchased for WVU computers/servers for WVU use. Depending on the software requested, there may be other restrictions that apply. These restrictions will be provided by SLIC at the time of the request.


Faculty can purchase this software using WVU funding.

Staff can purchase this software using WVU funding.

Students cannot purchase this software through WVU.

Note: Before submitting a request for the software, read the above licensing restrictions to make sure you qualify to use the academic software. If you have any questions, contact SLIC by filling out a software assistance request using the SLIC Software Request Form.

How to order:

WVU Funds: Complete the SLIC Software Request Form if purchasing this with WVU funds. All licenses for WVU-owned computers need to be paid for with WVU funding. Once your order is submitted, SLIC will send you an invoice for your order along with instructions on how to make payment.

Personal Funds: This software cannot be purchased through WVU using personal funds.

OS Compatibility:

Compatibility will depend on the licenses that are requested.


Pricing will vary depending on the license that is purchased. You can view the attached pricing guide to find an estimated price. Once a request is submitted to SLIC, we will request a quote for the software that you need. If you have any questions prior to submitting a request, you can contact SLIC by filling out a software assistance request using the SLIC Software Request Form.


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