Troubleshooting Devices in Residence Halls (Gaming, Smart TVs, Routers, Etc.)


Gaming consoles and smart TVs can use the wireless WVU.Play network or a wired ethernet connection. To use either type of connection, you must register and connect your device at View the WVU.Play article for steps to register your device. You must be on campus and connected to the WVU.Encrypted network to access

Note: WVU.Play is not available at College Park. See Internet Availability in WVU Residence Halls and Apartments to see if your location supports a wired connection.

Below are some tips for troubleshooting problems with using your gaming devices in the residence halls.

College Park troubleshooting:

  • Are you connected to a router? You must use a router to hook up any gaming devices. Connect with a cable, NOT wirelessly. Only the College Park Residence Hall allows wireless routers.
  • Has the router been registered in This is necessary to register the router on the network.
  • Does the computer successfully connect to the Internet when connected to the router?
    • If not, check to make sure the WAN port on the router is the port connected to the network jack on the wall.
    • If so, make sure the MTU Size setting on your router is set to 1500. Contact your router manufacturer's tech support to check and/or change this value. If that doesn't resolve the problem, contact Xbox's tech support.

Troubleshooting for all residence halls:

  • Have you registered the MAC address of the gaming console in
    • If not, register the MAC address. Follow the steps in the WVU.Play ( article.
    • Make sure you aren't including any special characters in the device name or description fields when registering your device (e.g., apostrophes, symbols, or punctuation other than periods and colons). Special characters may result in a page loading error. 
    • If yes, contact the ITS Service Desk.
      Note: There is a known bug that causes manually-added MAC addresses in MyDevices to say "Pending" even when the device is working.
  • Are you selecting WVU.Play when connecting the device to the internet?
    • For your gaming devices (not laptops) and smart TVs, you should connect to the WVU.Play wireless network (not WVU.Encrypted).
  • Are you having problems with all games on the device or just one?
    • If only one game is causing an issue, then contact the tech support for that company. If you have already spoken with that company's tech support, contact the ITS Service Desk.
  • NAT setting information:
    • If you receive a NAT (Network Address Translation) error when trying to use the online functionality of your gaming consoles for multiplayer or communication purposes:
      • Xbox provides information on how to configure or test for these issues:
      • Sony does not provide support information, but some solutions appear to be specific to individual brands and/or models of router.
      • If you use a PS3, use a search engine with the search criteria of "ps3 nat type" and add the router's model or manufacturer for additional support if there is a specific issue related to the user's router.​
  • Ethernet connection information:
    • If your location supports a wired connection and you are trying to connect your device to an ethernet port, make sure you are using the correct one. Each room has a wireless access point on one wall near the ceiling, with three active network connections. These are usually labeled Cisco and are the only active internet connections in the room. Gaming devices must be directly plugged into one of the ethernet ports, without using personal switches, routers or access points. Ports labeled LAN3, LAN2 and POE-LAN1 will be available; the port labeled Pass-Thru cannot be used. None of the ports provide power.
  • Vizio TV troubleshooting:
    • Some Vizio TVs will not show WVU.Play as an available network until the TV has been connected to another network first. To connect your TV to another network, connect your phone to WVU.Encrypted, turn on its mobile hotspot, and connect the TV to the hotspot. Once the TV is connected, WVU.Play should show as an available network. 
  • Some Nintendo devices may not work on WVU Wireless network.
    • Some Nintendo systems, like the Wii and Wii U, require a very slow connection speed (the slower "B" wireless) and WVU's network does not support this. The Nintendo Switch can connect to WVU's network.
  • ITS recommends using restrictions on your Apple TV.
    • You can set up a passcode to restrict access to your Apple TV or restrict certain features, such as purchases connected to your Apple account. Learn more about Apple TV restrictions here.


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