MAP Module Instructions


MAP (Mountaineer Administrative Processes) maintains financial and human resource information for West Virginia University. MAP is divided into modules that correspond to business tasks performed within WVU administrative units. Instructions for using MAP are linked on the WVU Administrative units listed below.

General Ledger:

The General Ledger is the central accounting repository in MAP containing information such as budgets, balances, expenditures, and revenue, based on account numbers associated with WVU departments and units. 

Instructions for viewing account information resides on the Institutional Accounting, Reporting & Analysis (IARA) website under MAP General Ledger Training and Instructions.

Grants Accounting:

The Grants Accounting module collects and maintains financial details (original budgets, expenditures and payroll, balances) and demographics (award agency, primary investigator, significant dates, etc.) for sponsored agreements, federal contracts, and cost sharing accounts.

Instructions for viewing grant account information reside on the Sponsored Projects & Property Administration website under Instructions on Forms.

Fixed Assets:

The Assets Management module is the repository for information on capitalized assets at West Virginia University. The information available in the Asset Management module includes the original cost, the depreciated cost, the purchase date and invoice information, the OC number, use location, and much more.

Instructions for viewing and modifying asset information reside on the Property Administration website under Instructions.

Labor and Distributions:

The Labor and Distributions module maintains the distribution of all earnings across various funding sources for active employees. This includes distribution of regular earnings as well as longevity pay, supplemental pay, Salaried ST/OT pay and other various element earnings.

Instructions for viewing and modifying labor distributions reside on the Payroll & Employee Payroll Processing website under Payroll & Employee Payroll Instructions.

Receivables and Cash Management:

Instructions for entering receipts into MAP, viewing receipts, and end-of-day balancing resides on the Revenue Services website.

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