Student Phone Problems or Questions


Every residence hall room at the Downtown Campus and the Evansdale Residential Complex has telephone capability.

Can I rent a phone?

Ask your residence hall's front desk if you can check-out a phone. The front desk staff member will fill out the request and start the process.

Can I bring my own phone?

Yes, but only 900MHz and 5.8 GHz cordless phones are permitted.

Residence Hall Student Phone Repairs:

Students in the residence halls should contact their front desk or Maintenance for all phone issues.

Student Voicemail Problems / Resets:

The default voicemail security code in the residence halls is: 548464

  • This is the only telecommunications service that students can request from the ITS Service Desk. Voicemail resets for residence hall phones do not require funding. Requests have to include the the student name with the current building, room, and phone extension.
  • If the student is receiving the message "Not a valid extension" or "No mailbox," the student needs to contact Maintenance or their front desk.
  • Information about student phones can be found in their residence hall handbook which is handed out when they move in. They can also request information at their front desk.

Requesting Long Distance Service / Billing Questions:

  • Students wanting long distance service from their residence hall phone need to call 1-800-937-3224 and talk to ECCI about creating an account and billing for the student.
  • Students or parents with billing questions need to contact ECCI directly at 1-800-937-3224. 


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