Parking System FAQ


The parking system allows you to make adjustments to your parking account, pay citations and renew your parking permit (depending on the location of the parking area). Parking Management information is available at the web site

Below are frequently asked questions about the parking system. If you need additional assistance, contact the Parking Management office at 304-293-5502 or

Log into this system with your WVU Login credentials at

Note: New students do not have access to the parking system until after they have registered for classes. If you just registered for classes, wait at least one day before accessing the parking system, as this is an overnight process that occurs daily.

Go to and click the appropriate link.

If you have a WVU Login account, click "WVU Students, Faculty, and Staff Login here." If you do not have a Login, click "Guest (Non-WVU affiliates) link" and enter your citation number, license plate number and state in the required fields.

Note: Holds on your account due to parking citations will be removed one hour after payment is received.

If you are unable to access the online parking system, make sure you are entering your Login username and password correctly and there are no extra spaces. If you forgot your password, go to and click Forgot Password.

If you receive an error message while using the online parking system, your session may have expired. Log out of the parking system and then log back in. If you are experiencing issues while filling in information, make sure you are providing all required information.

If system says you are placed on Financial Restriction with the Office of Admissions and Records, you will need to pay all outstanding citations to lift the restriction.

The online parking website is down on Saturdays from 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. for maintenance. If the website is down at any other time, please email or call 304-293-5502.


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