Top 10 Frequently Asked eCampus Questions


Below are common eCampus questions and answers for instructors and students. If you need further assistance, please submit a ticket for eCampus Support.

The file upload size limit is 20MB. This applies to attachments in assignments, messages and email. Students who have an assignment with a larger file size(s) that exceed the 20 MB file size limit can use large file submissions options such as the Blackboard App, embedded media, Mashups, or share from a Google Drive. Instructors may set up a Turnitin or VoiceThread assignment that allow for larger submissions.

The course instructor decides when to make grades accessible to students. Instructors may also make the grades hidden until all assignments/assessments are graded.

Students can access their grades link from three places:

  • Click My Grades on the left course menu (Instructor has to create this menu link).
  • Access My Grades link from the Tools area (Instructor has to enable this link).
  • Access Global Navigation Menu (upper right corner) and click the My Grades icon.
Teaching Assistants will not be able to build content. The Teaching Assistant (TA) role inside of WVU eCampus grants the Teaching Assistant access to nearly everything an Instructor has access to in the Control Panel, with exception to the following:
  • Contacts
  • Tests, Surveys, & Pools
  • Tool Availability
  • Goals
  • Teaching Style
  • Export/Archive Course

Requests for a Teaching Assistance may be submitted through eRS ( After submitting a person for enrollment as a Teaching Assistant, that person will receive an email directing them to complete the code of confidentiality (COC) in eRS system. Since a Teaching Assistant can have access to grades, Teaching Assistants must sign and agree to the WVU eCampus Code of Confidentiality (COC) each term they are to be enrolled. The TA can acknowledge this by logging into with their WVU Login and submitting a Teaching Assistant COC. Only one COC per term needs to be submitted.

Check the course quota to make sure it has not exceeded the size limit: 

  1. Navigate to the course.
  2. On the Control Panel, expand Content Collection.
  3. Click on the Course ID. (Example: star10000.201808)
  4. Within the Content Collection, click the drop-down menu at the end of the Course ID.
  5. Click 360° View.
  6. The Folder Size displays the current size of the course.

The overall content collection for each course is limited to 500MB. At 400MB, users will be notified that they are close to the limit. Course sections that exceed 500MB present numerous problems when copying content into future sessions. This is why the restriction is strictly followed. In order to restore disk space to a course, instructors need to navigate through course content collections, and delete any unused or unnecessary files such as images, videos and audio. Large PDF or PowerPoint files can also quickly fill a course.

For more details, please see the Managing Course Size PDF Tutorial

Yes, view the Copy Course Content article for all content options and instructions. 

If a student experiences a technical problem or needs an additional attempt, the instructor can clear the test attempt. The submission is cleared from the Grade Center and the student can retake the test.

  1. From the Control Panel, click Grade Center, then Full Grade Center.
  2. Locate the cell containing the student’s attempt.
  3. Click the drop-down menu, then View Grade Details.
  4. Access the Assessments Tab.
  5. Click Clear Attempt.
  6. Select OK to confirm and remove the attempt.
  7. On the Grade History tab, the action is recorded with "Attempt Grade Cleared." In the Grade Center, no grade or icon appears in the student's test cell.

Please note that the university policy does not allow eCampus Support team to re-open assignments or tests. Students need to contact their instructor to see if they will allow any assignments or tests to be re-opened.

The Content Collection is a file repository that allows faculty to store, manage and share content. By default, content collection files are not viewable to students. In order for students to be able to access content collection files, the instructor may link to files within the Content Collection to a Content Area within the course.
After content is added to the Content Collection and linked to the content area, permissions must be granted to make the content accessible to users. Once read permissions are granted users they have the ability to view files linked in the Content Collection. If you want to grant a user additional permissions to an item, you must do so in the Content Collection. 
Students use their WVU Login credentials to access eCampus. They will not be able to log in to eCampus and see their courses until the official start date identified in STAR (Banner) unless the instructor chooses to open their courses to students up to as many as seven days before the official start date. Don’t worry if the My WVU eCampus page appears blank prior to the official start date identified in STAR (Banner). If a course has already begun and students still cannot access their courses please submit a ticket for further assistance.
  • If there is no content in your course, contact your instructor to confirm you are in the correct course area. Your instructor controls the availability of content, tests, assignments, discussions and other tools. Sometimes your instructor has put conditions on the release of content.

  • Your instructor may have not put any content in the eCampus course. Contact your instructor.


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