Monitoring Sales in Your AbleCommerce Store


You can view summarized and detail information on sales in both your store's Dashboard and in reports. View a PDF for full details on setting up your eCommerce Store.

View information in your Dashboard:

  1. Log in to your store.

  2. Click the ADMIN icon in the upper right corner.

  3. The Dashboard displays charts with information about sales.

    • Order Summary shows the number of sales (and attempted sales) over time according to the payment status. Click the number of sales in a particular status to see details on a particular order.

    • These charts are most useful for stores selling numerous products or events:

      • Product Popularity displays the total number of sales and views for the best-selling products.
      • Sales Over Time displays the total number of sales over the past seven days and the past six months.
      • Page Views Over Time displays the number of views for each item.
      • Popular Categories displays the number of views for popular categories.

View information in your reports:

To see full details of the order, from the Report menu, choose Products, and then Attendee(s). The Attendee(s) column displays shopper responses to questions created in the Product Template.  When the report is exported to Excel, all responses to the Product Template questions from a shopper will be placed in one cell.  To place these responses in their own columns, follow the instructions in Formatting the Attendee(s) Report in Excel.



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