Configure Outlook for Linux Evolution

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Evolution is a personal information manager for the open source GNOME desktop environment that runs on Linux operating systems. The Evolution-ews, which uses Exchange Web Services, can be used to connect to WVU’s Office 365 environment with support for Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and shared mailboxes.  

Be aware that ITS does not provide support for Linux and this email package. Any support for these is on a “best effort” basis. 

Steps to configure Outlook for Linux Evolution:

  1. Get the latest Evolution-EWS client for your Linux distro. 
  2. When configuring Evolution, select Exchange Web Services as the Server Type. 
  3. Under Configuration, use as your Username. 
  4. Important: The Host URL will come up with something local. You must change it to
  5. Authentication: you can "check for supported types" and it should pick NTML.
  6. When you click Fetch URL it will ask you for your password, which you need to provide. 
  7. Autodiscover will populate the OAB URL field. 
  8. At this point, you should be able to click the Finish button on the bottom and be able to connect. 

Note: To access a shared mailbox account, right-click over your account name and select Subscribe to folder of other user...


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