Scan and Send to Email Using a Managed Printing Departmental Copier


You can scan a document and have the printer send that document to your email or someone else's email.

How to scan to email:

  1. If your copier requires a password, enter the password to unlock the device.
  2. Load the original in the document feeder or on the glass. 
  3. Press Scan/Fax
  4. Select the address book entry you wish to send the scan to.
    Note: To make a color copy, change the Color from Black to Auto Color.
  5. Press the Start key.
Please visit Konica Minolta's user guide for more detailed settings. 


If the document won't scan to email, check the file size. Many email systems cannot accept large files. For example, Office 365 has a maximum per message size limit of 25 Megabytes. If you're scanning a large file to send as an email, try the following workarounds:

  • Break the print job into chunks. To keep the print job organized, you can change the names of the files to title-1, title-2, title-3 etc.
  • If you are trying to email a PDF of a scanned document (the default setting), try sending the document as a compressed PDF instead. To change this setting, press File Type at the bottom of the address book screen.
  • If you are trying to email graphics with a high resolution, minimize the resolution. To change this setting, press Resolution at the bottom of the address book screen.



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