Managing AbleCommerce Email Templates


The AbleCommerce software contains email templates to the customer for order confirmation and notification of credit card failure. You can reword the default text. You can also set up other templates, such as notification to you of low inventory. View a PDF for full details on setting up your eCommerce Store.


  1. After logging in, click the ADMIN icon in the upper right corner.

  2. From the Configure menu, click Email and then Templates.

  3. The list of templates is shown.  To change the template, click the edit icon for the Customer Order Notification or cc Failure template.

  4. In the fields near the top, keep Template Name and To Address(es) fields.

  5. Keep the trigger.

  6. Change these fields:

    • From Address: change the default to your email address, or an email address within your own department.

    • CC Address(es) and/or BCC Address(es): Add your own email address, or an email address within your department, so that you will be notified when an email is sent to the customer.

  7. The wording in the message area contains default HTML formatting which incorporates placeholder text for the order number, and first and last names. You can change the default text, and then click Save. You can also delete the HTML formatting, and replace it with plain text.  Plain text will not incorporate details of the purchase, such as the order number and first and last names.

Note: The same email wording will be sent to all customers. The wording cannot be customized for different products or events. To send different messages to customers based on the product or event being purchased, view a demonstration showing how to set up these emails.


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