Setting Up an AbleCommerce Coupon Code


You can set up criteria to give a discount to some customers, based on the number of items they purchase. View a PDF for full details on setting up your eCommerce Store.


  1. After logging in, click the ADMIN icon in the upper right corner.

  2. In the Marketing menu, choose Coupons.

  3. Click ADD COUPON.

  4. Choose whether the coupon will apply to one product or to the entire order.

  5. Complete the coupon fields.
    1. Click Name to name the coupon.
    2. Create a Coupon Code that you will give to eligible shoppers (for example, 12345).

    3. Enter the Discount Amount given by the coupon.

    4. Choose whether the discount will be a percentage of the price or a fixed amount off the total price.

    5. Choose the Quantity that must be ordered in order for the coupon to be applied.

    6. Check whether the coupon can be repeatedly applied.  For example, if the minimum quantity purchased for the coupon to take effect is 3, and the shopper purchases 9 items, will the coupon be applied 3 times?  If yes, check Repeat.  If no, leave Repeat unchecked.

    7. Check the Start and End Date fields if you wish to limit the coupon to a date range.

    8. Enter the maximum number of Uses per Customer a single customer can use this coupon.

    9. Enter the Max Uses this coupon can be by all customers combined.

    10. Allow Combine: Check this box if the coupon for this purchase can be combined with coupons for other items in this order.

    11. Product Rule: Choose if this coupon will be valid for any product in this store, only certain products in this store, or not valid for selected products within this store.

      1. To choose the product to which the coupon should apply, click manage.

      2. Click Search to see a list of products in this store.

      3. Click ADD.

      4. Click FINISH.

    12. Click SAVE or SAVE AND CLOSE.


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