Creating a Product Template for Your AbleCommerce Storefront


A product template allows you to customize your order page to obtain information from the customer beyond standard payment data and choose the type of input needed from the customer. Only one product template can be applied to a product, so you will need to create a single template that will contain all the fields you need, keeping in mind that all customer responses will be placed in a single cell in the report and when exported to Microsoft Excel.

View a PDF for full details on setting up your eCommerce Store.

Creating a product template:

  1. After logging in, click the ADMIN icon in the upper right corner.

  2. From the Catalog menu on the left (not the Catalog icon on the right), choose Product Templates.

  3. In the Add Template section in the right panel, enter a name in the Name field. Click ADD.

  4. In the Customer Fields region, click ADD FIELDS.

  5. Complete the fields.

    1. Click the Input Type drop-down to see the choices. (Subsequent fields will vary by Input Type.)

      • Text Box
      • Text Area
      • Drop Down List Box
      • List Box
      • Multiple List Box
      • Radio Button List
      • Check Box List
    2. Name: This does not appear on the screen the shopper sees.

    3. Prompt: Enter the prompt seen by the shopper.

    4. Columns: 1

    5. Rows: determines how long the field displays on the page.

    6. Max Length: Enter the maximum number of characters that the customer can type in this field.

    7. Text Box and Text area only: Click FINISH.

    8. For all other input types, click NEXT.

      1. Click Add Choice.

      2. Enter a value to replace "Choice 1."

      3. Continue adding choices until you have completed all choices available for the field.

      4. Click SAVE.

  6. If needed, click ADD FIELD again and follow the above steps.

  7. After adding all fields, click SAVE.

Applying a product template to a product:

  1. To apply that template to a product, return to the Catalog icon.

  2. Locate a product and click its name.

  3.  In the left panel, click Product Template.

  4. From the Product Template drop-down, locate the the template you created, click it, and click SAVE.

  5. A preview appears.

  6. If this is acceptable, click SAVE.



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