Listing a Product to Sell on Your AbleCommerce Storefront


All items and services are considered "products" in the AbleCommerce software. View a PDF for full details on setting up your eCommerce Store.


  1. After logging in to your store, click the ADMIN icon link in the upper right corner.

  2. Click the CATALOG icon in the upper right corner.

  3. In the New Category region, enter the name of a category and then click the Add button.

  4. The category will now be listed in the Contents of Catalog region; click on the category name.

  5. Click the Product icon.

  6. Complete the fields that apply to your product:

    • Name
    • Price
    • Featured box (checking this box ensures the item will appear on the front page (maximum of 6 items can be featured at a time))
    • Shippable: yes
    • Descriptions, Description
  7. If you have a limited number of items or tickets, set Inventory Tracking to Track Product.

    • In Stock: the total number available (e.g., the maximum number of seats on a bus)
    • Low Stock: the quantity at which you wish to receive an email alert notifying you that the item/event is almost sold out.
    • Max Quantity: Set to 1 to ensure that the number of items is decremented correctly with each item ordered.
  8. Click SAVE.

After a product has been saved, you will be able to access additional settings, such as adding an image or product template.


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