Filelocker Login Error


Filelocker allows you to immediately share large files with anyone inside or outside the University.


When attempting to log into Filelocker, you either receive an error indicating invalid username or password, or you see the error message "Errors while requesting data."


If you're receiving an invalid username or password message, try logging into to confirm your Login credentials are working as expected. If you are able to log into the WVU Portal but not Filelocker, click here to request help from the ITS Service Desk.

Note: If you can't log into the WVU Portal, go to to change your password.

In cases of the "Errors while requesting data" error, try the following:

  1. Log out of Filelocker.
  2. Clear the browser's cache. View the Delete Browser Cache Once article for instructions.
  3. Log into



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Thu 5/14/15 10:47 AM
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