Pop-up Blocker Settings for ApplicationXtender


ApplicationXtender is a web based interface that allows you to index, search for and update documents within the STAR Banner system. If you are automatically logged out of ApplicationXtender while using the system, you may need to check your pop-up blocker settings.

  1. Check your browser's pop-up blocker and ensure it is active.
  2. Ensure that the BDMS URL is not listed in the allowed list of sites for your pop-up blocker. 
  3. Ensure that the BDMS url is not listed in the allowed list of sites. If you see https://wvu-adbdms05-v.wvu-ad.wvu.edu/ or any wildcard entries that would include this server (for example, *.wvu.edu), click on the website or wildcard entry and then click Remove.

Note: If you remove *.wvu.edu or any other wildcard entry in your pop-up blocker, you may need to add specific direct URLs for other systems to work properly.


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