Athletic Tickets FAQ

WVU Morgantown campus students who are registered in an 'online program' will not be eligible for WVU Game tickets Fall 2020. If you have any  questions, please contact the WVU Online. Ultimate Mountaineer Maniacs should contact for questions regarding their membership. Eligible students should wait to access the WVU Game system until further notice; new students will not have access at this time. 


Have a question about football or men's basketball ticket requests using TicketReturn? View our FAQ below or browse the Athletic Ticketing Articles for more information.

For more information, review the West Virginia University Policies and FAQ regarding ticket distribution at If you have any questions or complaints about student athletic tickets, or questions about the news feed or Twitter banner on the TicketReturn website, contact the Athletic Ticketing Office at 304-293-3541.

Questions, suggestions or complaints about the online ticketing system should be directed to

Athletic tickets FAQ:

Currently enrolled WVU Morgantown students can request student tickets for WVU home games. Online-only students and high school students taking WVU classes in Morgantown do not qualify for the WVU Game system.

Students with questions should contact the Office of Student Accounts at 304-293-4006.

Check out the WVU Student Ticketing Process video for a demonstration of how to request tickets. View the Online Student Ticket Distribution PDF to learn more about ticket registration periods.

  1. Wait for the ticket registration period to open. To see when the registration period opens for a game, view the football distribution schedule at
  2. During the ticket registration period, go to
  3. Click Request Ticket.
  4. Enter your Login username as the UserID. The last six digits of your WVUID number are your default password for TicketReturn. You can change this password later. The password you use for TicketReturn is a separate password from your WVU Login credentials.
  5. Select the game for which you are requesting a ticket. For basketball games, you will be able to select tickets in scheduled blocks.
  6. Depending on your status, you will have one or more seating areas to choose from. Select a seating area. If you have the Ultimate Maniac membership, you must select the Maniacs section to reserve your guaranteed football ticket.

If you didn't receive a ticket during the request period and there are remaining tickets available for the game (meaning the game did not go into a lottery), go to as soon as the claim period ends to print one of the remaining tickets.

You can only reserve student tickets through the online ticketing system for home football and basketball games. Contact the Mountaineer Ticket Office at 1-800-WVU-GAME to see if there are any available tickets. You will not be able to reserve tickets for away games through TicketReturn.

Regional campus students (i.e. Potomac State and WVU Tech) are not eligible to request student football tickets at

If a game does not go to a lottery, there may be a limited number of tickets available for regional campus students on game day at a cost. To purchase football tickets on a game day with available tickets, you will have to go to the North Gate on the day of the game. These tickets are first come, first serve.

Please call the Athletic Ticketing Office at 1-800-WVU-GAME a few days before the game to find out if off-campus tickets will be sold at the gate on game day.

  1. During the claim ticket period, return to and click Claim Ticket.
  2. Follow the procedure to claim 'Reserve' your ticket. (The wording does not change.) If you have the Ultimate Maniac or MBManiac membership, you must select the Maniacs section while claiming your ticket.
  3. Print your ticket.

If you do not claim your ticket during the claim ticket period, the ticket will go back into the general pool and will become available on a first come first served basis during the print-on-demand period for the game. To view the period time frames, refer to the football or basketball Distribution Schedule on the left side menu in TicketReturn.

Having trouble claiming a ticket?

If you were awarded a student ticket from the ticket lottery, but you cannot claim the ticket, try the following solution:

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click Claim Ticket.
  3. Reserve the ticket again.
  4. Once you have claimed your ticket, you can select the Review/Reprint Ticket link to print the ticket.

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions concerning TicketReturn, email

All students and guests need to provide their football and basketball game ticket at the student gate in order to enter the stadium. If you are a student or guest, you can either print your game ticket from TicketReturn or bring up your ticket on your cell phone to be scanned at the gate.

Note: For basketball games, students will enter the Coliseum through the Mountaineer Gate (formerly Green Gate) for all games. The Gold Gate is for the general public and game day ticket sales.

To print your ticket, you must have already claimed your ticket or there must be tickets available in the Print-On-Demand phase (meaning ticket supply is greater than ticket demand). If your ticket is available for printing, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign into your TicketReturn account at
  2. Click Review/Reprint Ticket from the left side menu.
  3. Click the Reprint Ticket button.
  4. Wait for the ticket's image to load.
  5. Print using your browser.

Note: We recommend using a black and white printer. If you use a color printer, the bar code scanners at the gates may not recognize the ticket's bar code.

Refer to the Student Guest Tickets.pdf on the TicketReturn site for eligibility and pricing.

Tickets can be purchased online at, over the phone by calling 1-800-WVU-GAME, or in person at the Mountaineer Ticket Office in the WVU Coliseum. For group discounts or ticket promotions, contact the Mountaineer Ticket Office (1-800-WVU-GAME or  For questions about annual funds or season ticket priority, contact the Mountaineer Athletic Club (1-800-433-2072 or


TicketReturn ( FAQ:

Go to and click Sign In. Enter your WVU Login for your User ID. By default, your password is the last six digits of your WVUID number.

If you have not changed your TicketReturn password, follow these steps:

  1. Log in with the following information:
    • Username: Login username (what you use to log into the WVU Portal)
    • Default Password: last six digits of WVUID number
  2. Once logged in, you can change the password on the Student Information page in TicketReturn.
    • Passwords are not case sensitive.
    • Passwords have no minimum length requirements.
    • Passwords can contain both letters and numbers.
    • Passwords do not expire.
  3. You can also set up a security phrase in case you forget your password. Click Student Information, select one of the questions in the Security Phrase field, provide an answer and click Update.

If you changed your default TicketReturn password and set up a security question for TicketReturn, use the I forgot my username or password link under the login information.

If you forgot your password, and you have not previously set up a security phrase, click here to request help.

If you wish to appeal the number of loyalty points you earned for a game, submit a ticket within five days after the game in question. After five days, the number of loyalty points becomes permanent on your TicketReturn account record. Please note attendance points only show for the current season. Information for past years does not display.  If you have questions about the loyalty point system for WVU games, view the TicketReturn FAQ.

TicketReturn can provide email notifications of when you can request a student ticket to a WVU football or basketball game.

If you're a student and would like to add or disable the email notification from TicketReturn, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your TicketReturn account (
  2. Click the Student Information link on the left navigation bar.
  3. Scroll to the Student Status Information section.
  4. Check the desired option(s).
    • If you would like to receive notifications, check the box for Reminder Email and make sure all other boxes are unchecked.
      Note: Because basketball tickets are reserved in blocks, email notifications are sent for each game within a block.
    • If you would like to disable notifications, check the box for Disable All Emails. Alternatively, you can disable emails for a specific sport by checking its box in the Disable Emails by Sport section.
The student ticketing website, TicketReturn, is accessible using mobile devices. If you have trouble viewing TicketReturn on your device, try setting the site to the Full HTML Version. You will see this option at the bottom of the screen when you have the website open on your mobile device.

An "Error in Pricing" message can appear for three reasons:

Did the game go to a lottery and is it still in the Claim period?
Try to request a ticket when the Print-On-Demand period begins. To see when the Print-On-Demand period begins for a game, check the distribution schedule at

Did the game not go to a lottery?
You have to have an Upper level ticket. If you requested a Maniac or Lower level ticket, you need to switch to the Upper level ticket section. If you do not have this section available to you wait until the Print-On-Demand period begins.

Is the game in the Print-On-Demand period?
If you can not purchase guest tickets in the Print-On-Demand period, then there are no more guest tickets available.

If you receive an "Invalid MID/TID" error message, the WV Treasury is experiencing a connection issue and is unable to process the credit card request. Please try again later.

If you received more then one charge by the "WV Treasury" for your football or basketball guest ticket, contact the Athletic Ticketing Office at 304-293-3541 or 1-800-WVU-GAME (1-800-988-4263).

You will need to provide your name and the card number that was charged.

Stadium & seating FAQ:

There are several sections at Milan Puskar stadium that are reserved for WVU students. See the Stadium Seating Chart for a map of the seating locations listed below.

  • Open to all students:
    • Lower Deck - Sections 109 and 110
    • Upper Deck - Sections 205 through 211
  • Maniacs: If you are a fee-paying Maniac members in good standing, you can sit in the Upper Deck (sections 205 through 211).

  • Seniors: If you have achieved senior status of 89 plus credit hours or you are a graduate or professional student, you can sit in the Senior Spirit Section (121 on the Lower Deck).

  • Guests: Guests can sit either in the Upper Deck (sections 205 through 211) or the Senior Spirit Section (121 on the Lower Deck), depending on where the WVU student with the guest sits.

When an area has more requests than available seats, the ticketing system (TicketReturn) assigns seating in all areas to ensure everyone who requested a ticket receives one. The TicketReturn system uses Loyalty Points earned from past sporting events to determine seating assignments when not enough seats are available. WVU doesn't control the seating assignments. Visit to view their FAQs and learn more about Loyalty Points and policies.
Students should enter on the East side of the stadium. Gates there will be marked either Maniacs/Upper Deck or Lower Deck/Senior Spirit and students should get into the proper line.
Students sitting in either the Lower Deck (sections 109 and 110) or in the Senior Spirit Section (121) will receive wristbands as they enter the student gates marked for their sections. Students in the Upper Deck and Maniac sections will not receive wristbands, but should be ready to present their tickets and/or IDs when entering and re-entering their sections.


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