KMS is Unavailable When Activating Windows or Office 2010


If KMS is unavailable when activating Windows or Office 2010, try troubleshooting the volume activation errors.

How to troubleshoot volume activation errors:

  1. Verify that the Windows volume license edition is:
  • Windows 7 Pro or Enterprise
  • Vista Business or Enterprise
  1. Verify that the Office volume license edition is:
  • Office Professional Plus 2010
  • Office Standard 2010
  1. Make sure the date and time is current. If it's more than 4 hours off, you'll get 0xC004F074 with the description "The Key Management Server (KMS) is unavailable" and event ID 12288 in the Application log in the event viewer on the client (see here).
  1. If you (non-AD computers) are not joined to wvu-ad domain:
  • Right click the clock and choose "Adjust date/time."
  • Change Date & Time > Internet time > Change settings.
  • Enter "".




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