Mountaineer Card Fees


Review the Mountaineer Card fee structure to determine if you are eligible for a free card or if you must pay for a replacement.

Fee Structure:

  1. Only one ID card is issued per person. If you have dual roles (ex: both employee and student), you get the card that best fits your primary role. If you are replacing a card that is not lost, you must surrender the old one to ITS. We will take a new photograph for the replacement card.

  2. You will receive a free card only if you are:

    • a first-time student;
    • a student returning from an absence of at least three semesters;
    • a transfer student from the Beckley or Keyser campuses;
    • a first-time contractor;
    • a new hire;
    • assuming a role in a new department;
    • This includes but is not limited to: employee transitioning to retiree; Mountaineer Temp transitioning to full-time employee or vice versa; contractor transitioning to full-time employee or vice versa; Research Corp. or Foundation employee transitioning to state employee, or vice versa; changing WVU departments;
    • OR if ITS walk-up support confirms that your card is defective by these standards:
      • card not functioning and was issued 5 or more years ago
      • card not functioning due to inherent defect
      • laminate is peeling after having the card for 5 or more years
      • magnetic stripe is malfunctioning after having the card for 5 or more years
  3. You will be charged a $30 replacement fee if:

    • your card is lost or stolen;
    • your card is visibly damaged after having it for less than 5 years;
    • you are requesting a name change for a qualifying life event such as marriage, divorce or adoption;
    • you are requesting a new picture.
  4. Department name changes: If you haven’t changed roles but your department has changed its name, you will be charged $15 for your new card. If you don’t want to pay, ITS Service Center staff won’t print the card. However, you can contact your supervisor and request that the department pay for the card replacement.

    If your supervisor agrees to have the department pay for the replacement, they will need to submit a ticket and provide your name, WVU ID and a description of the request (i.e. they want to pay for your replacement card). We will send them an Excel file to complete electronically, then print and sign. They will give you the printed form to deliver to an ITS Service Center location, where you will receive your new card.

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