PCard Application Request Form in Mountaineer Marketplace


These instructions show you how to complete the request for a PCard.



  1. Access Mountaineer Marketplace.
  2. In the list of PCPS Automated Forms on the Mountaineer Marketplace Home page, click PCard Application Request to open the form.
  3. Enter your first, middle, and last names.
  4. Monthly/Cycle Limit: Enter the amount you are requesting to be able to spend during a month. (Discuss this first with your supervisor or business office.)
  5. College/Division: Choose your college or division from the drop down list.
  6. Single Transaction Limit: enter the maximum amount to be able to spend in a single transaction. (Discuss this first with your supervisor or business office.)
  7. Business Need for PCard: Provide the reason for needing a card, such as “Booking Travel” or “Research Supplies purchases” or “Event Planning.”
  8. PCard Program: Choose either WVU or Research Corporation. (If you will need both cards, complete this form twice, one for each card.)
  9. Campus: Choose your work location.
  10. Employee Type: choose the appropriate type of employee. Note: If you are an employee of the WVU Research Corp or WVU Hospitals, please select 'Courtesy Assignment.'
  11. WVU ID: Enter your WVU ID number.
  12. Card Type: Choose PCard, unless your supervisor or business office has told you otherwise.
  13. At the top of the form, view choices in the Available Actions region in the upper right corner.  Choose Add Item and Close Form. Click Go.
  14. Click Proceed to Checkout.
  15. Click Submit Requisition.
  16. You will see a verification that the requisition has been submitted.


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