Unable to Access Office 365 Employee Account


Microsoft Office 365 is a hosted suite of online collaborative services. Most employees (WVU Morgantown campus, Potomac State College, WVU Institute of Technology, and WVU Research Corporation) will have Office 365 accounts seamlessly created and made available on their "start access date," which is specified by supervisors and departmental Business Offices in MAP at the time of hiring.


You're a WVU employee, but you can't access your Office 365 account.


  • If you are a new employee and your job type grants you an email, your Office 365 account will be created when a batch runs. Wait until later in the day to access your email.
  • If you are a returning employee, or if the new email does not appear in the address book after your start date, click here to request help.
  • If you are an employee who recently transferred between HSC and WVU, and your job type grants you an email account, your Business Office needs to change your email address in MAP.
  • If you are a University Health Associates or Research Corp employee, your information is sent directly from your Business Office, so please contact that office.​
  • If you are requesting a new account for a student employee, click here to request an @mail.wvu.edu account for the student.
  • If your job type does not grant access to the Office 365 account resource, your supervisor must submit a ticket to grant you a guest WVU Login account. 



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