Mountaineer Marketplace Overview


Mountaineer Marketplace is WVU’s online purchasing tool. All WVU employees may shop online and enjoy the cost savings available through negotiated contracts with preferred vendors. Use Mountaineer Marketplace to purchase office supplies, lab supplies, computers, facility items, stationery, business cards and more. It can also be used to submit electronic forms for WVU business operations such as internal transfers, confirming orders and lease payments.

Because the system is integrated with MAP, it knows who you are and can route your shopping cart to an appropriate approver.


Pre-Shopping Instructions:

  1. Before shopping, discuss with your supervisor or business office how you should pay for items you purchase. You can either:

    1. Enter an account yourself at the time you shop and then submit your shopping cart.

    2. Submit your shopping cart to your SBA without providing funding information.

    3. Assign your shopping cart to another employee who will enter the funding information.

  2. Set up a default shipping address. This is required, even if you are purchasing services, paying a bill, or transferring funds.

  3. Optionally, set up one or more favorite accounts (you can designate one account to be your default).

  4. Optionally, designate an employee to be the default employee who will review your shopping carts. (Shopping carts will typically go to your SBA, but you can assign a specific employee to review your cart first.)

Post-Shopping Instructions:

  1. Determine whether you need to manually create a receipt within Mountaineer Marketplace for your purchase. Receive the items, when required.

  2. When necessary, follow the procedure for returning items.



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