Supplier Request Registration Form in Mountaineer Marketplace


These instructions show you how to complete the Supplier Request form to register a supplier or modify the address for an existing supplier. Three types of supplier request forms are located on the Mountaineer Marketplace dashboard in the Supplier Request Forms box.

If you have turned on email Notifications in your settings, you will receive an email from PCPS notifying you when the supplier or employee has been registered, or that the change is in effect. Instructions on Notifications are available here.



  1. Access Mountaineer Marketplace.
  2. For a New Supplier – Non WVU Employee and New Supplier – WVU Employee, confirm the supplier is not already registered.
  3. Choose the appropriate form.
    • New Supplier – Non WVU Employee
      1. Click New Supplier – Non WVU Employee.
      2. Enter a supplier name and click Submit and Next.
      3. Enter the supplier information.
      4. Enter the supplier contact information
      5. Complete the General Information section and click Next.
      6. Review your information and click Next.
      7. Check the certification box and click Complete Request.
    • New Supplier – WVU Employee
      Use this form to request an employee who is to be paid for services or royalties. This is not to be used for reimbursement for travel expenses.
      1. Click New Supplier – WVU Employee.
      2. Click Next.
      3. Enter the name of the employee and click Next.
      4. Enter the employee information.
      5. Provide a reason for the payment.
      6. Choose the funding source.
      7. Click Next.
      8. Review and click Submit.
    • Update an Existing Supplier to change a supplier name or address, deactivate or reactivate a supplier, or to submit another change.
      1. Read the instructions and click Next.
      2. Enter the existing name of the supplier and click Next.
      3. Enter the supplier contact and email address.
      4. Choose the type of change.
        • Address maintenance
        • Name maintenance
        • Activation status
        • Other
      5. Complete the fields specific to the type of change.
        • Provide documentation when requested.
      6. Click Next.
      7. Click Submit.
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